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Hopefully you will have been feeding the birds all summer but now, after the hiatus whilst they have been raising their young, they should be flocking back to your feeders and this gives you a great chance to get some super snaps. Not of the birds on your feeder though, with respect, most are good for dispensing nuts and seed but not too photogenic! Move the table or feeder as close to a window as the birds will tolerate and then get more imaginative. Visit the local woods and find a really nice weathered or moss covered branch – no vandalism, pick it off the ground, and set this up along side your feeder so all the visitors have to perch on it whilst they wait their turn on the nuts. If the background is not very natural, a garden shed perhaps; hang a plain dark green cloth on a line behind your ‘set’. Now clean the window, draw the curtains, peg them together with a gap for your lens to poke through and wait. If you are using a compact make sure you disable the flash or else it will bounce off the window and make a real mess of your image and make sure you get your lens as close to the glass as possible to reduce reflections and improve the Quality. There is no reason why you cant get a picture that looks like it was taken in the woods , not on your patio , and of course you can try all sorts of ‘sets’ whilst snapping from the comfort of your lounge or kitchen with a cuppa in hand ! 

Wet and windy walks with your dog a great opportunity to do something a bit different. Most people never take photographs in ‘bad weather’. Why? Most of us complain that the weather is awful ‘all the time’ and if we were only to take pictures in sunshine our cameras would always need dusting off! You can get some great little waterproof housings for compact cameras these days or you can just customise with Clingfilm or a polythene bag. Rain is often difficult to see on camera and of course to ‘see’ wind you need to have billowing branches or blowing leaves. Try using the flash to illuminate the raindrops and get an ‘assistant’ to throw handfuls of leaves in front of the lens just before you press the button. In fact having someone else on hand to call the dog back is a godsend, trying to do it on your own invariably means that you and your best friend end up falling out! My two love windy beaches, they run and run and I snap and snap all day. Great fun!


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