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Chris is a lifelong naturalist and works as a television presenter, author and photographer, all within the wildlife genre. He trained as a zoologist, is a passionate campaigning conservationist and holds a number of prestigious honorary posts with UK environmental charities. He has travelled widely around the world, regularly leads wildlife tours overseas and has been documenting his journeys photographically since the mid 1980’s. His wildlife photography is atypical in some respects as he is not often preoccupied with his subjects; he shuns straightforward illustration and is intent on making pictures which are more artistic or imaginative.

Chris sees little point in replicating the work of others and is only seriously interested in producing his own unique visions. He is an intensely self critical perfectionist who finds scant satisfaction in his own images but he continues to try to make beautiful things from the beauty he searches for.

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All the images on the main body of this site have been shot on 35mm SLR cameras. The photographs taken prior to 2003-2004 are almost entirely scans from 35mm transparencies.

Chris Packham

The vast majority have been modified at this stage using one or more of the following tools; principally, colour temperature, saturation, vibrancy, exposure, recovery, blacks, fill-light, contrast, brightness, the full scope of ‘levels’, spot removal and cropping, secondarily, the vignetting tools and the graduated filter and lastly, and rarely, any of the sharpening facilities.

Some photographs have had little such manipulation, some simple corrective attention, others an extreme amount. Some of the images have also had ‘things’ removed using Adobe Photoshop CS4 whilst others are outright ‘composites’, either as a means of correction or pre-planned creativity. These images are all clearly marked with an ‘R’ or ‘C’ as there is no intention to deceive.

All photographs are the work and property of Chris Packham unless otherwise stated and any copyright infringements will be ruthlessly prosecuted. 


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